About Us

We are the top providers of unlocking services and after sales support for your iPhone providing an easy-to-use platform with a user-friendly interface that takes our customers through simple steps ensuring 100% success on all unlocks.

We at theimeiunlock.com are working round the clock to provide unparalleled support for our customers, providing a reliable and tailored service, with a fast turnaround time that guarantees customer privacy and ensures post-purchase satisfaction.

Every iPhone or iDevice is recognized through an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number that is unique in the respect that no two phones can have the same number. We use the IMEI number provided by each customer to track their order and for confirming the service provider they are using. Keeping in mind, in lieu of the above-mentioned promises, we have tailored our order-to-delivery system for individual customers. After completing the order form with checking the necessary details, our support agent re-checks the provided information to ensure post-purchase satisfaction, and the details covering all the aspects of order inquiry and estimated delivery time through the provided email.

The internet is loaded with various unlocking schemes, featuring videos and third party unlocking solutions and websites that do not guarantee after sales support, your phone’s identity, and put your payment at risk, with the potential of damaging your iDevice. Beware of these scammers!

Our user-friendly interface simplifies all steps with the added benefit of securing your personal identity. Plus, the unlocks are OFFICIAL FROM APPLE, INC, with the final process being verified through iTunes. It means, your warranty will not be void from the manufacturer.